Welcome to my world.
Excuse the mess,
I’ve not had company here before.
I’m sure if I were to venture into your world
I would find it equally wrecked.
It seems that the world we create for ourselves alone
is the place we throw our trash.
Funny isn’t it?
One would think the place you build for yourself
would be the most settled and organized of all.
Perhaps we do actually take comfort in random chaos;
Perhaps not.
Perhaps we taken no comfort at all
and for that reason
we need the chaos as a distraction.
Our retreat into our own world
is not to set things right for ourselves.
It is to eliminate the possibilities of extended thought on any one topic.
In this realm I can go with the flow
and have no repercussions,
no solutions,
no questions,
and no answers.
Here I am allowed to be just the tiny spec in the huge universe
and feel no need to be the giant sun society demands we strive to be.
So again,
excuse the mess,
it simply didn’t seem important to me.

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