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Non-Fiction <(o)~(o)>

Understanding that holes in perception making Non-fiction a tricky thing, I still find it an integral part of my writing practice, though a mostly private one.  The exigences inherent to genre, when applied appropriately and in good faith, make it as much an exercise in humanity as it is of word play.  If written in good faith, the genre offers a plethora of benefits to humankind.  If written in bad faith, the pieces move us all in the wrong direction.  Because writing in good faith implies a great deal of personal reflection throughout the path to completing a piece, as well as a decent idea of what bar you are trying to move with the piece, very few of my non-fiction pieces make it into the public view.  The few pieces that do tend to have been born from a playful place or an impassioned one.

remington rand 17The pieces found in this section are as true and clear as they can be.  I am only human. -J.L. Munn


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