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      Thank you for writing this information about Methatrxate and how you have made “friends” with it. I took it for 18 years and 3 years ago I stopped taking it. I fought it some weeks and some weeks its was okay. I did alot of the suggestions that you did that certainly did help the sick days. As of now I am only taking natural plants, mushrooms have ironically helped. A plant called Moringa has also. However, not like Methatrexate did. I was accepted to see a doctor at John Hopkins Psoriatic Arthritis Center and will be seeing a new doctor. I don’t know what to expect from seeing her. Will she suggest Methatrexate to me and will I once again have to make that decision? I stopped taking it because even after these three years I do not grown hair on my arms and legs. Other long term problems also.I thank you for your courage in sharing your fight with Methatrexate and am thankfyl it has helped you. I pray it continues too. Thank you, Dianne

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        Hello Diane and thank you for taking the time to write me.

        It has been and continues to be a journey. Since writing this article, I have switched medications to a biologic. I’ve been very fortunate that I respond well to Humira and have insurance that covers it. I hope you find some relief with your new doctor. It can take a while to find the right cocktail, but you can find it. There are a lot more treatment choices now than there were in the past. Hang in there.

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