A Day Like Any Other

Today is a day like any other day, yet unlike any other day because today is today and not yesterday.

It was this kind of thinking that kept him from moving forward in his life, but he was so wrapped up in these kinds of thoughts, wondering through their intricacies, finding depths unseen by others, that he had, at least thus far, only found a nominal margin of success.  That is to say, he did not lack for human comfort.  He did not wonder from where his next meal would come.  Yet he did not take extravagant trips or buy unnecessary things.  He’d never once had an opportunity to turn something down based solely on his moral standing.

He had yet to achieve his “fuck you” money.  Worse still, he had yet to figure out that he needed it.  He was still stuck in that philosophical high ground where the world runs on human effort and not money.

An ironic sentiment from someone who desperately wanted to find their success in marketing.

There was no doubt that his shortcomings were plentiful.

But time would show he had just as many strengths.

So we find ourselves back at today is a day like any other day, yet unlike any other.

Today is a day where he will wake, prepare himself and venture into a world that is nothing like what he sees as he walks through it.  The sameness of the day will whirl around him without ever touching him.  That is, until just after he arrives at work.

Then, today will be different.  Today he will find himself facing himself.  Today, he will meet the younger version of himself that has recently been hired to help him.  He will see in this new person all that he thought he wanted before he found a constance in life.

Today, by no fault of his own, by no effort of his own, his vision of life will change in such a way that he will not be able to return to a life he’s lived comfortably in for more years that he will be willing to admit when he comes out of the other side of his transition.

The people around him will not understand the catalyst…or the change.

It will take him years to understand it himself.

Some changes are that way.  The changes worth it are that way.