Life and Death, a poem

History of War - Dublin

Bombs fall
Babies cry
Lovers sigh


You fat cats in your filibuster suits
Standing on the hill looking down
You promised me the world
And I believed you
Guess I should’ve read the fine print.
Would’ve known in what condition it would have to be in order for you to let it go.

Bombs fall…

Iraq and Syria and Gaza… Oh my
How quickly we forget that we’ve tried this already.
It doesn’t work,

At least not for the goals outlined in your pretty little speeches

Full of lies infused with tiny truths wrapped in the blood of those carrying out the orders.
How odd that this recipe helps us swallow so easily for so long.

Babies cry…

Maybe we should flip the bill
And show the world the weakness in those ivory towers
Force ourselves to remember that institutions should be serving us
Not serving us up on a platter to the highest bidder
Like the sacrificial lambs we willingly resemble

Lovers sigh…

It’s my world too!
I should be a fat cat on the hill in an ivory tower
I’m not flawed like them
I would use that power for good
I am incorruptible.

But don’t you see
That a billion people chanting that in unison only leads to

Bombs falling
Babies crying
Lovers sighing


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