Before one can find the caricature, one must find the character. – J.L. Munn

Patrick’s elementary school career passed as one would expect.  He was adored by teachers and students alike.  He performed well and was well adjusted.  He had a passion for reading and greeted each day with the vigor one can expect from a person not yet encumbered by the weight of the world.

Year after year, his report cards were filled with the joyful comments one sees in the early years of those who make a difference in the world.  “Patrick is a pleasure to teach.”  “Patrick excels in his understanding of the material.”  “Patrick never fails to volunteer…”  “Patrick is loved by his classmates.”

It seems that there would be no obstacles over which Patrick would need to come.  That is until his return from  the Christmas vacation of this 5th grade year.

Patrick had become accustomed to being the smartest child in his grade.  He was always adored by his teachers and in his naiveté he thought that they considered him their favorite.  He had not yet known what it was like to be less than perfect in his own regard.

Jason was a good looking boy, quiet and well-mannered.  He had traveled a lot over the course of his young life.  His mother, a fashion photographer, and his father, an architect, had separated before he was born, but both opened their hearts and lives to his presence in the most natural of ways.  This led to many changes in schools, both States side and abroad, as he maneuvered through the irratic but lively lives of his parents.

However, as is want to happen in the mind of children, Jason had reached an age where he wanted more to have constant friendships in place of the culture his parents offered him.  So it happened that Jason had chosen to live with his mother’s sister and attend young Patrick’s school.