Just because

Just because a company was once considered a bastion of integrity doesn’t mean that it still is. Just because an industry was once considered good for the people, doesn’t mean that it still is. Just because a government was once considered a beacon of light to the world, doesn’t mean that it still is. Just because a people have been […]

500 words

500 words yet unwritten, allowing me to sense their continuous presence, taunting me with their potential and their cleverness just out of reach, blaming me somehow for all the shortcomings of mankind, or at least my own, as if it were my fault that I love them so desperately but forget their order too quickly to put them into the world that expects so much and so little of them.

Surviving Methotrexate Day

I have been taking oral methotrexate (8 pills – 20 mg once a week) since my official diagnosis; that’s 2 years and 5 months as of the writing of this article. Putting it mildly, I have never had an easy time with it, and because my symptoms last longer than the day of/morning after, I have never been on injectable. […]

The Victrola

This story was originally published in the 7th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection Sunlight filtered through a broken window, barely conquering the dust filled air to land on what was left of the Victrola. Kayla hesitated, just a moment, thinking she could escape before the dust anchored her to the rest of the ruins in the room. […]

The Thief’s Garden

“A good deep well is worth killing over.” He heard those words going through his head as he looked down at the lifeless body of his neighbor’s neighbor. The blood was still fresh from the wound and the eyes had only just begun to look unconscious.