the secret to success is in noticing the details πŸ€“

the secret to success is in noticing the details πŸ€“

note: originally published in September 2011.

A recent twit from David Pogue reminded me of something very important about social interactions and finding success in situations that involve them (like business for example).

Air France, Moscow->Paris: Attendant greets each passenger in English, French, or Russian. Me: β€œHow do you know?” β€œPassports & newspapers!” 11-09-04 12:21 , @Pogue

Too often in our lives we get so wrapped up in keeping our attention on what the end result should be that we forget to notice what is going on around us. Β Unfortunately, when we forget to notice, we also miss the small, golden opportunities to make a positive impact in our lives as well as on those around us.

Although I don’t know David Pogue at all, I would venture a guess that he would have no qualms about taking another Air France flight (nor about making a recommendation to others take one).  In making the effort to glean important information about Mr Pogue from a necessary part of their work, the attendants told him intuitively that he mattered enough to their company to make that effort, something that is huge in impact with little resource drain.  How can that be a bad thing?