An open letter to [Name omitted for privacy]

Dear [Name omitted for privacy],

There are many things that I do not know. I don’t know if many people have taken the time to thank you for your courage and optimism. I don’t know if those that see you on a daily basis fully appreciate who you are and what you have been able to do in the face of such adversity. I don’t know if you feel loved and supported the way that you love and support countless strangers that come across your story. I also don’t know if you know how big an impact you have had (and continue to have). So, if you will permit me, I would like to take a moment to let you know that you matter and that your candor inspires.

14 feb 2014 Hulk vs. Valentine's Day 2014

Sunday Sentence, 7 December 2014

That film is a debate between me and Caleb, who always wanted to become an artist but over-committed to life; he’s a stay-at-home dad to three young girls. I always wanted to become a human being, but I overcommitted to art.