A Lesson from Childhood

A world which shines from its own inner glow.
My mind wandered to stories told to me.
I was sure the dark shadow below
The surface was the awful whale of old

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Becoming a caricature : part 2

Before one can find the caricature, one must find the character. – J.L. Munn Patrick’s elementary school career passed as one would expect.  He was…

Strength, Love & Water

Li-An sat on the edge of the dock, feet dangling, toes barely touching the water. She giggled as she swung her feet back and forth making ripples on the surface. Her imagination soared. continue reading…

Instant Replusion 1

When I first met her, I thought perhaps she was just having a bad day, or that perhaps she was evoking an unfortunate moment of self loathing in me. Lord knows at some point in our lives we’ve all had both. continue reading…


Claudelle Kendrick, bless her heart, was the very living, breathing definition of what some used to call white trash; though she never once gave any indication that she might know anything of how people considered her. In fact, she completely managed to convince herself that the stares and whispers were people talking about her inevitable breakthrough to supermodel status. continue reading …