imho: The World According to Garp

   Oh my f’ing God I love this movie!  The cast is brilliant, the story tight and …

imho: Machine Gun Preacher

  I was so stoked to see this movie.  How could I not be with a title like Machine Gun Preacher and a cast including Gerard Butler?  Maybe that played a little against it, but

imho: The Woman in Black

   I have to admit that I was not particularly drawn to this movie because of its story, but was very curious to see what Daniel Radcliff could do in something he himself chose.  I was not …

imho: The Avengers

  Love it  I hate when I have to add my voice to the collective, but there is nothing else to say about this movie other than GO OUT AND SEE IT RIGHT NOW.  I love

imho: Salvation Boulevard

  This movie takes the usual reproachful approach to the discussion around the culture around the Mega-churches.  However, it

imho: The Blob (1958)

  Love it I adore this movie, but that’s not really all that surprising.  I do have a soft spot for old “horror/sci-fi”.  I laughed all the way

imho: The Giant Mechanical Man

  For the most part, I enjoyed this movie.  Although I do feel that they (intentionally or not) harvested a lot

imho: The Chronicles of Riddick

    This movie is exactly what you think it will be (which is very much simultaneously a complement and a rebuke).  The acting is adequate, the action is

imho: God Bless America

    This is a very interesting movie, from a societal perspective; and for it’s genre, it is very well done.  There