September 28

Dirty Little Man

He was a dirty little man that had lived a dirty little life. Mere seconds after meeting him, you realize that, although he was in the middle of his life, there was no hope that he could be anything else but a dirty little man. Maybe his mother didn’t love him enough. [ ]

Tears & Rage

She made a quick check of the room one last time to make sure nothing valuable was left in temptation’s reach. She felt guilty every time she did it. She trusted the hotel and their staff, but she couldn’t get her father’s voice out of her head. “When poverty stares daily into the indulgences of wealth…well it’s no divergence from human nature to think taking one small thing amongst so much could even be noticed.” Sometimes she hated the validity of his logic. []

Muscle Memory

He could feel his heart pounding in his chest; pounding in function, not in pain. He was alive damn it! He knew he was alive. He could feel his body screaming at the demands he was placing on it. Sweat mixed with humidity, making his clothes feel heavier than cotton should ever feel. Part of him wished he could just strip down and run free. What would these people think of that? What would she think of that? continue reading …

Becoming a caricature : part 2

Strength, Love & Water

Instant Replusion 1

When I first met her, I thought perhaps she was just having a bad day, or that perhaps she was evoking an unfortunate moment of self loathing in me. Lord knows at some point in our lives we’ve all had both. continue reading…


Claudelle Kendrick, bless her heart, was the very living, breathing definition of what some used to call white trash; though she never once gave any indication that she might know anything of how people considered her. In fact, she completely managed to convince herself that the stares and whispers were people talking about her inevitable breakthrough to supermodel status. continue reading …