Sunday Sentence: The sentence(s) that touched me this week, out of context and without commentary. Inspired by David Abrams at The Quivering Pen.


If you keep giving me these eyes that note all the details – if you tell me the lawn is manicured but you dont’t tell me that it makes your character both deeply happy and slightly anxious – then I’m a little bit frustrated with you.  I want a story that’ll pull me in.  I want a story that makes me drunk.  I want a story that feeds me glory.  And most of all, I want a story I can trust.  I want a story that is happening in a real place, which means a place that has meaning and that evokes emotions in the person who’s telling me the story.  Place is emotion.

from the essay « Place » by Dorothy Allison published in the Tin House compilation The Writer’s Notebook