imho: Django Unchained

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If you follow my watching habits, it should be no big surprise that I am someone who appreciates a good Tarantino flick.  So it should also be no surprise that this is one of the movies I have been most looking forward to in the past six months.  The only disappointment I experienced was that I was unable to make it to the Christmas opening day.

Django Unchained is, hands down, one of the best westerns I have ever seen and definitely ranks at the top of my Tarantino list.  In it you find a return to the love of quirky and distinct story telling that Tarantino’s earliest works displayed, and that caused us to fall in love with his style.

The casting was spot on and the performances were amazing, even when comparing them to standard of each of the players.

This movie is not, however, for everyone.  If you hate westerns or Tarantino, it is highly unlikely that you will enjoy this.  However, I still encourage you to give it a try.  This will likely fall into the “classics” category in time.  I know I’ll be seeing it again and again.

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