imho: Skyfall

 I am one of those people that have been craving a great Bond film for at least the last decade if not longer.  I hated that the writing just wasn’t there for Pierce Brosnan.  I think he has all the qualities that could have taken it as far as he wanted.  I hated it even more when Daniel Craig got the gig and COMPLETELY ruined Casino Royale (with some help again from the writing and production crew).

So I was completely taken by surprise when I saw the preview for this one and was genuinely excited to see it; and even more surprised when I saw it and enjoyed it.  Although I am not in the group of people who can say that this was the return of 007.  I can quite happily say that the story and performances throughout the film have finally given me hope that 007 can, in fact, be re-invented without killing his spirit.

As shocking as this is to me, I really can’t wait to see if it can be reproduced.  With the stories exhausted from Ian Fleming, it’s hard to say if it can be.  I suppose only time will tell.

If you like any of the James Bond series, you’ll like this one.  In my humble opinion, they managed to merge all the Bonds (to date) into one very entertaining film.

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