I wish this shit was hyperbole!

I shit you not:

  1. The Muslim Ban that is not a ban (but really is a ban)
  2. Ignoring the conflicts of Rex Tillerson
  3. Insulting Mexico
  4. Insulting Australia
  5. We don’t need no stinking education
  6. I don’t have the energy to list them all this week.  Do you have one to add?  Go for it in the comments.

Take a minute to breath:

  1. A baby deer eating apples

So this shit is still there:

  1. Flint has gone more than 2 years without drinkable water and the only thing that our government has done is protect the politicians that made the decisions that led to the crisis.  So yeah us for not giving a shit about our people.  Seriously can we just KickStart the fucking project through a charity so we can get a tax break for the donation and the people of Flint can try to get back to a normal life?
  2. RUSSIA & Gerrymandering & Voter suppression, oh my… (just don’t want anyone to forget, any other real Democracy would have already schedule the re-election process).
  3. The government is back on track to screw the Indigenous folks again.  #NODAPL
  4. The GOP is still ignoring their constituents and seem to have no qualms about changing the rules of government to help them destroy the US Democracatic Process.  Is it any wonder that South Dakota feels they can veto the decision of their people?
  5. Instead of pushing forward with the Paris Agreement, federal, state and local governments are rolling back the regulations that make sure we have decently clean water (except for Flint), decently breathable air, and an environment that will sustain life.  #NotAHoax #WeAreAllGoingToDie

We did it?

  1. Federal judges block parts of Muslim ban
  2. Uber reluctantly quits Trump
  3. Our “representatives” are overwhelmed by our calls
  4. Trump International Hotel employees unionize
  5. #GrabYourWallet made some progress too
  6. Hunters protected Federal Lands from Chavez and big oil

Got a local success story that doesn’t get main stream coverage?  Drop a link in the comments section.


  1. Hug your loved ones more than you are now.
  2. Donate to a cause that matters to you.
  3. Learn a survival skill.  Don’t everyone pick the same one.  We need diversity during the apocalypse.
  4. Don’t be a dick.
  5. Don’t be surprised if your comment isn’t approved if you ignore #4.