imho: Inseparable

   This movie had a great deal of potential.  It has, after all, Kevin Spacey doing what Kevin Spacey does best.  It, however, in the end did fall a little flat for me.  There were just a few too many clichés for my personal taste.  Overall, it was entertaining, and all the scenes with Spacey are undoubtedly brilliant, and one should note Daniel Wu doesn’t suck either.  The fault lies more in the places where the movie stops being honest to itself and tries to be “occidental”.  I’m guessing this had less to do with the writers and directors and more to do with the Disney association to the film.

Overall, anyone that is following the progression of Chinese cinema should definitely watch it.  It shows how far they are coming (and how quickly) in their story telling ability in this medium.  You should also check this out if you are a Spacey fan…though if you are, I doubt I needed to tell you to watch it.

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