Follow along if you like.  Click on the name of the article and leave a comment linking back to your own work inspired by it. Hint:  The numbers are the day of the month.  The prompts are not released before that day.

  1. from “The Book of Longing”, a poem by Leonard Cohen      
  2. from “Fates Worse Than Death” by Kurt Vonnegut      
  3. from “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou      
  4. Cuba and the Cameraman (film)       
  5. W. Mason Revolving Fire-Arms Patented Jan 19, 1875 (No. 158,957.)       
  6. From Julian Martin on mining in West Virginia      
  7. Promo video:  The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks       
  8. From “Tempest” by Bob Dylan       
  9. Féerie au Lac du Village
  10. From Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

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