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Film State LogoIf you love movies and aren’t allergic to checking things out on YouTube, I highly recommend that you subscribe to this YouTube “Show”.  It is quick and funny, a little silly, but most importantly, it provides enough information to peak your interest but not so much that you feel you’re taking a course on pop culture.  As of this posting it comes out twice a week covering (in a split format, 1/2 on Tuesday and 1/2 on Friday) Movie Trailers, News, Rumors, DVDs and the occasionally the “If you haven’t seen this you should offing die” segment, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites even if I don’t always agree with the choice.

Ryan and Josh Connolly play well off each other and I’m really impressed with how prolific they both are, but in particular Ryan (in addition to this they also make their own films and offer at least 2 other channels dedicated to the art of filmmaking).

I would definitely expect to see even bigger things for them in the future, but for now, I would encourage to even go back and watch the back catalogue.  In addition to being informative, they are simply entertaining.  Well done Connollys.

If you’re interested:


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