imho: The Early Edition app

Before I say anything else, I want to be clear:


I’ve always thought one of the best ways to streamline my favorite sites on the web is through RSS, but until I found this app, I always felt like I was sacrificing the joy of the digital reading experience to do it.  Like I said…until I found this app.

The Early Edition iPad app is anything but your standard RSS reader.  For one, and most importantly, it takes into consideration the visual and tactile experience of browsing and reading.  Presented in the form of a traditional newspaper, you are immediately drawn into your articles.  The variation of the presentation on the screen and the manner in which it refreshes begs you to explore articles that you may have otherwise skipped over.

It comes pre-loaded with a few interesting feeds that you can easily erase if they do not fit your tastes and adding new ones is a breeze.  You can even import feeds from your existing google accounts.

There are tons more features, but essentially, my message is simple.  If you have been shopping for an RSS reader and have been utterly disappointed with what’s out there, buy this inexpensive app.

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