imho: Style-us Griffin Technologies

I love my iPad.  With this device I have been able to go completely paperless in my work with exception of paper that is given to me by others.  This means a 98% reduction in the use of paper; an excellent turn of events in my estimation.

Yet, as much as I love my iPad.  Until this week, my efforts to work without paper was half pure enjoyment of the device and half passion and determination to stop using paper, and in all honesty I was beginning to see signs of a wavering determination.  Then I discovered the Stylus for iPad from Griffin Technologies.  Coupled with a decent handwriting app, I now have a solution with all the benefits of paper (flexibility, rapidity, drawings mixed with text) as well as the benefits of digital (easy to share, easy to access using online technologies, more living trees).

The design of the stylus itself plays a huge role:  The weight and design easily fools the hand into believing it is holding a small pen.  The tip doesn’t scratch the screen, but isn’t so soft that you fear it will deteriorate too quickly.  The responsiveness is shockingly good.  At a relatively normal angle, my iPad responds as if I were using my finger directly.

I still use my finger for the majority of my interactions with my iPad, but as a writer and a person that moves around a lot talking to a wide variety of people about a wide variety of topics, this stylus is a Godsend.  (and as I understand it…it’s great for artists too!)

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