Sunday Sentence: 14 October 2018 from Ernest Hemingway

Sunday Sentence: 17 June 2018 from John Hodgman

Sunday Sentence: 17 June 2018 from Miram Schneir

Sunday Sentence: The sentence(s) that touched me this week, out of context and without commentary. Inspired by David Abrams at The Quivering Pen.

It seems possible that a material basis for profound change in male-female relations and the relation of women to the society may now exist.  But an enormous movement of women, whether organized or not, would be required before any such changes could occur.

From the Introduction to Feminism:  The Essential Historical Writings by Miram Schneir, 1972

Sunday Sentence: 7 January 2018 from Lynda Barry

I’d be good and the dark ghosts would vanish.  When your inner life is a place you have to stay out of, having an identity is impossible.  Remembering not to remember fractures you.  But what is the alternative?  Tell me.

Sunday Sentence: 20 August 2017 from Margaret Atwood

Sunday Sentence: 30 July 2017 from Wendell Berry

To him, I think, the idea of consequence was always an afterthought.  He did not expect consequences, he discovered them.  When he could, he laughed them away.  When they pressed in through his laughter, he shut his mouth and bore them.  What he had done was his fate, and so he bore it.

Sunday Sentence: 26 February 2017 from Kurt Vonnegut

Sunday Sentence: 8 January 2017 from Wendell Berry

“Works of art participate in our lives:  we are not just distant observers of their lives.  They are in conversation among themselves and with us.  This is part of the description of human life; we do the way we do partly because of things that have been said to us by works of art, and because of things that we have said in reply.”

Sunday Sentence: 1 January 2017 from Stefan Zweig

Sunday Sentence: 27 November 2016 From Kurt Vonnegut