The Victrola

This story was originally published in the 7th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection Sunlight filtered through a broken window, barely conquering the […] Read More

Climate changes

I used to love the rain before I came here. Rain used to mean relief from the heat. It used to mean much needed water […] Read More

The Thief’s Garden

“A good deep well is worth killing over.” He heard those words going through his head as he looked down at the lifeless body of his neighbor’s neighbor. The blood was still fresh from the wound and the eyes had only just begun to look unconscious. continue reading …

Those Damned Eyes (inspired by Thisbe, 1900)

  Those damned eyes: always changing, always inigmatic, always so damned…feminine. I often wondered if she even knew what a puzzle she was to me. […] Read More

The Chansonnier

He walked casually down the road, happy to have a moment to himself and the shade of the trees to cool his spirit. The party […] Read More

Emily’s Evolution

A woman’s heart is not really such a terribly difficult thing to understand. The key is to simply remember that no matter the circumstance, her […] Read More

Ce n’est pas facile d’essayer

My mind woke to the now familiar sounds of arctic winds whirling around the home in which I lived. Even before I opened my eyes […] Read More

A Snapshot of a Different Kind

A little girl sat all alone on her back steps. Her tiny hands cupped her dirty face. Her stringy blond hair flew wildly about her […] Read More

Artistic Discoveries

The walk home was short. He was so lost in thought he couldn’t remember exactly how he’d arrived at his apartment complex. His feelings were […] Read More

A Day Like Any Other

Today is a day like any other day, yet unlike any other day because today is today and not yesterday. It was this kind of […] Read More